LED Panel Emergency pack


LED Panel Emergency pack also suitable for various other fittings.

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Product description
DN LEP/3M is an effective solution for emergency conversion of
luminaires using LED arrays. The compact, robust housing is
supplied containing our Omni-LEDTM emergency driver, rechargeable
battery and connection terminals. Its hinged cover
offers easy access for both wiring and battery during installation
and once wired, it will pass through a ceiling cut out of just
100mm diameter. This product is intended to be used with
a separate mains driver for Maintained applications, and is
available pre-wired with cable assemblies for simple ‘plug-andplay’
Omni-LEDTM constant-power driver technology will run any LED
lamp or array rated from 9V – 200V, so making it easy to
produce an emergency version of your existing LED luminaire
without the need for separate ‘emergency’ LEDs or connectors.

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